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Automated testing with Newman

Postman's command-line companion lets you do amazing things! With Newman, you can integrate Postman collections with your build system. Or you can run automated tests for your API through a cron job.

Capture and inspect with Interceptor

Postman interceptor brings the power of your Chrome window to Postman! You can set custom headers (including cookies) from within Postman, and view cookies already set on the domain. You can also capture requests being sent from Chrome and import them into Postman. This makes building APIs a breeze!

Features and updates
5.3.118 Oct, 2017
  • Various stability and performance improvements
5.3.06 Oct, 2017
  • Create documentation, mock servers, monitors, environments and more from the 'New' button in the header bar
  • Explore Postman features by importing custom collection templates
  • Added ability to force close tabs without prompting for save
  • Added ability to select additional monitoring regions
  • Mock servers can now be made either private or public
  • Fixed a rare issue where environment variables get disabled after sending the request [Github #3542]
5.2.126 Sep, 2017
  • Fixed an issue where request body within duplicated folder was hidden from UI [Github #3484]
5.2.029 Aug, 2017
  • Share collections and invite users to your team from the Team Library
  • Fixed an issue which prevented request reordering within a collection [GitHub#3291]
  • Fixed various issues around Sync conflicts
  • Fixed an issue that caused path variable values to be deleted when importing a collection
  • Fixed an issue where Postman dynamic variables were not being populated in the autocomplete dropdown [GitHub#3354]
5.1.32 Aug, 2017
  • Fixed a rare case where users would lose data when signing out
  • Various Sync and stability improvements
5.1.227 Jul, 2017
  • Folders in collections can now be nested inside other folders
  • Folders in collections can now be reordered
  • Improved tab behaviour to ensure you never lose your work
  • Allow turning off variable autocomplete to boost performance
  • Deleting a collection and/or its contents will now ask for confirmation, to prevent accidental deletes
  • Various performance and stability improvements
  • Fixed an issue that caused folder imports to misbehave [GitHub#3264]
5.0.230 Jun, 2017
  • Various stability and performance improvements
5.0.114 Jun, 2017
  • Various stability and performance fixes
5.0.010 Jun, 2017
  • Do more with your request history in Postman!
  • Collaborate on APIs by sharing requests with your entire team. (
  • Simulate a backend by mocking your requests (
  • Run scheduled tests to monitor your requests (
  • Document your requests as publicly viewable web pages (
4.11.15 Jun, 2017
  • Fixed an issue that caused example response language to reset on save
  • Fixed an issue where responses in Examples were not prettified when viewing
  • Fixed an issue where importing and exporting v2 collection created an empty collection [GitHub #3099]
4.11.031 May, 2017
  • Document URL Params, Headers & Request Body with descriptions
  • Save variations of request & response with Examples
  • Variables autocomplete in Authorization fields
  • Fixed an issue where "Save to Collection" action was not removed after clearing the history
  • Fixed an issue with unsubscribing from collection browser
  • Fixed a rare issue where test results for the last iteration were not updated
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a single character from a variable removed the full variable. [GitHub #2895]
  • Fixed scroll issue in Activity Feed diff view [GitHub #3026]
  • Fixed an issue where the binary file upload was failing when the content-length header was not available [GitHub #2756]
  • Fixed an issue where disabled entries were not ignored in Collection Runner [GitHub #2582]
  • Fixed an issue where empty response body did not clear the previous response [GitHub #2950]
4.10.710 Apr, 2017
  • Fixed UI performance issue. [GitHub #2929]
4.10.67 Apr, 2017
  • Added support for multiline cURL imports [GitHub #2883]
  • Fixed an issue where slash was automatically added in variables while typing URLs. [GitHub #2914]
  • Fixed an issue with multivalue keys in body during cURL generation [GitHub #2883]
  • Fixed an issue where Send and Download saved corrupted data [GitHub #2860]
  • Fixed UI overlap issue in data editor. [GitHub #2877]
  • Fixed an issue where app was opening with a blank tab for Chrome versions below 45. [GitHub #2868]
  • Fixed an issue where tests were ordered alphabetically [GitHub #2864]
  • Fixed an issue where cookies with subdomains were not listed under response [GitHub #2885]
  • Fixed an issue where code generator fails to show array values in request raw body
4.10.529 Mar, 2017
  • New Data Editor for faster editing of headers, params, body and environments
  • Autocomplete suggestions and tooltips for variables
  • Support for logging into Postman Enterprise accounts
  • Postman Pro - Restore collection to an earlier version via the activity feed
  • All alerts are now dismissible
  • Various performance improvements for requests and collection runs.
  • Fixed an issue where links in XML responses were detected incorrectly [GitHub #2481]
  • Fixed an issue which caused HTML elements in response to not be copied correctly [GitHub #2743]
  • Fixed an issue that caused URL variables to be replaced in editor while manually running auth [GitHub #2757, #2793]
  • Fixed a rare issue that caused incorrect environment to be updated after a request [GitHub #2784]
  • Windows - Add shortcut under Postman in Start menu [GitHub #2816]
4.10.422 Mar, 2017
  • Added Add Monitor & Publish Docs to collection menu for non-pro users.
4.10.32 Mar, 2017
  • Update prompts and auto downloads can be configured via Settings now.
  • Fixed an issue which caused built-in intercepting proxy to not capture requests correctly [GitHub #2727, #2587].
  • Sidebar request is no longer copied while inline editing requests [GitHub #2705, #2731].
  • Fixed a bug where Save dialog was not shown while closing multiple tabs via context menu [GitHub #2753, #2745].
  • Fixed a bug where modals overflow while zooming UI [GitHub #2653].
4.10.215 Feb, 2017
  • Fixed a regression that caused floating point numbers to render incorrectly.
4.10.115 Feb, 2017
  • Fixed various issues around shortcuts
4.10.014 Feb, 2017
  • All new keyboard shortcuts
  • Faster editing of names and descriptions via inline editing.
  • Resizable two-pane layout.
  • Duplicate tabs via the context menu.
  • Pre-request and test snippets can be hidden now [GitHub #2176].
  • Show changelog for skipped versions while checking for updates.
  • Special characters in URL are encoded correctly now [GitHub #2517, #2529, #2538, #2468].
  • Fixed an issue where variables were not resolved while manually authorizing request.
  • Fixed various issues in response encoding and rendering [GitHub #2502].
  • Fixed encoding issues in generated cURL snippet [GitHub #2579, #2322].
  • Fixed an issue where environment variable was removed if the value was 0 [GitHub #2598].
  • Chinese inputs are handled correctly in description editors. [GitHub #2163, #2530, #2600].
  • Environment variables containing period characters are resolved correctly in URL [GitHub #2629].
  • Environment variables containing tilde characters work correctly now [GitHub #2683].
  • Floating point numbers in response are now rendered correctly in pretty view [GitHub #2447].
4.9.25 Dec, 2016
  • Editor font size can be customized now (Settings > General > Editor Font Size). [GitHub #1794]
  • Code generation supports Swift 3 now [GitHub #2415]
  • Fix invalid Authorization header being generated when OAuth1.0 realm parameter is used. [GitHub #2522]
  • Fix rare issue where request body is hidden after an app restart. [GitHub #2527]
  • Fix console.log within scripts logged twice in the Console. [GitHub #2524]
  • Fix issue where unformatted response body is copied to clipboard. [GitHub #2462]
4.9.01 Dec, 2016
  • Two-pane view (Cmd/Ctrl + Alt + V)
  • New setting to open all requests in a new tab (Settings > General)
  • Various improvements for tabs
  • New warnings in environment editors when duplicate keys are used
  • Cleaner default filenames while exporting data
  • Swift 3 compatible code generation. [GitHub #2415]
  • Various fixes for authorizations
  • Stricter YAML parsing for Swagger imports [GitHub #2475]
  • Fixed an issue that omitted request body in generated code [GitHub #2325][GitHub #2447][GitHub #2478]
  • Fixed Markdown encoding [GitHub #2456]
4.8.310 Nov, 2016
  • Fixed an issue in OAuth 2.0 where the client secret was not added to the url while fetching the token
4.8.210 Nov, 2016
  • Create a monitor for a collection from the app [Postman Cloud]
  • Dynamic variable {{$guid}} generates RFC-compliant v4 UUID
  • Fixed an issue which caused invalid code to be generated for requests with files in body [GitHub #454]
  • OAuth2.0 client parameters are no longer encoded [GitHub #1749]
  • Fixed an issue that caused request body to be not added in the generated code [GitHub #1850]
  • Fixed an issue that caused generated cURL snippet to be not encoded properly [GitHub #1932, #2405]
  • Fixed various issues with response preview type [GitHub #2250]
  • Expired cookies are auto cleared in the native apps [GitHub #2404]
  • Fixed an issue which caused request body to be sent with GET requests in Collection Runner [GitHub #2407]
  • Scripts are exported with correct formatting [GitHub #2417]
  • Fixed a rare issue with context menus inside script editors and pretty responses [GitHub #2423]
  • Disabled headers are exported correctly [GitHub #2443]
  • Fixed an issue which prevented saved responses from loading [GitHub #2459]
  • Last used file destination is set as default for file exports
  • Fixed an issue that caused environment templates to be hidden if no shared collections are present
4.8.127 Oct, 2016
  • Bug Fixes in the Notification Rendering System
  • Bug Fixes in the Collection Selector across the application
4.8.014 Oct, 2016
  • Collection Activity Feed shows detailed history of changes [Postman Cloud]
  • Attempting to delete environment templates linked with published collections shows a warning [Postman Cloud]
  • Session token support in AWS auth [GitHub #1663]
  • AWS auth supports repeated URL parameters [GitHub #2384]
  • Fixed various issues around response type detection [GitHub #2380]
  • Comma separated values in URL parameters are encoded correctly [GitHub #2350]
  • Non-string OAuth 2.0 tokens display correctly [GitHub #2371]
  • Long OAuth 2.0 tokens display correctly [GitHub #2179]
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Digest auth values from being saved [GitHub #2298]
  • Custom HTTP status code reason phrases are displayed correctly [GitHub #2370]
  • Swagger importer handles multiple path params [GitHub #2328]
  • Fixed a rare performance issue during start of collection runs
4.7.222 Sep, 2016
  • Should be able to close the tab that is currently active
  • Performance Improvements
  • Fixed a bug where the Oauth2 Ui were not visible
  • Fixed the RAML and Swagger convertors
  • Fixed an issue where Content-Type for x-www-form-urlencoded is not set automatically
  • Url params has support for UTF-8
4.7.113 Sep, 2016
  • Fixed an issue where the subscribe button was not working in notification.
  • Fixed an issue with the proxy which was failing when the protocol is not provided. [GH-2314, GH-2225]
  • Hide Response Search from all other views except pretty view.
  • Collection browser will be resizable now.
  • Added the support for generic notifications.
4.7.05 Sep, 2016
  • Redesigned active environment selector
  • Various Sync and performance improvements
  • Fixed an issue that caused Swagger and CURL importers to not work occasionally
  • Fixed an issue that caused system proxy to be not honored when multiple proxies are configured
  • Fixed an issue that caused delay setting to not work in Collection Runner
  • Fixed few issues with XML responses in pretty view [GitHub #2297]
  • Links are not auto generated when embed code is focused
  • IndexedDB transactions changes
  • Globals import/export in v2 format
  • Data is not synced with binary mode
4.6.219 Aug, 2016
  • Email and username availability feedback in sign-up screen
  • Sync improvements
4.6.013 Aug, 2016
  • Improvements to drag and drop functionality throughout the app
  • Added a warning when trying to delete shared collection with subscribers or published documentation [Cloud Plan]
  • Improved Sync connectivity status
  • Fixed an issue with Saved Responses when Sync is enabled
4.4.322 Jul, 2016
  • Redesigned Previous Runs sidebar in Collection Runner
  • Added support for Max-Age & Expiry while setting cookie lifetime
  • Added support for --url as a cURL parameter
  • Added RFC-Compliant boundaries for form-data payloads [GitHub #2184]
  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect update time to be shown for uploaded collection links
  • Fixed an issue that auto closes modals while releasing drag outside the modal
  • URLs are encoded correctly in generated cURL snippets [GitHub #2171]
  • Fixed an issue that broke the Runner UI with long test names
  • Links from prettified responses can be copied without triggering click
4.4.26 Jul, 2016
  • The collection format (v1/v2) choice is persisted
  • The URL autocomplete menu works correctly with keyboard shortcuts
  • SVG image previews work correctly [GitHub #2001]
  • Drag-and-drop works correctly after file import [GitHub #2142]
  • cURL import/export issues [GitHub #1999, #1270, #1157]
  • Not double-encoding OAuth1 urlencoded params [GitHub #2125]
  • Partial fix (links in XML responses stop at the closing tag) [GitHub #1800]
  • Swagger path parameters are imported as path variables [GitHub #1782]
  • Replace/All buttons in ace-editor don't close the dialog [GitHub #1952]
  • Filenames are not encoded before uploading [GitHub #1768]
4.4.127 Jun, 2016
  • Showing all OAuth2 parameters
  • Fixed bug where internal environment properties were exported
  • Environment preview selection and scrolling fix
  • Updated language/framework names in code generation modal
  • Environment preview closes on clicking icon
4.4.024 Jun, 2016
  • User-level access control for sharing collections
  • Collection favoriting
  • Team library shows collection publish status
  • Documenter sneak-peak for free users
  • OAuth2 callback URL is selectable
  • Fixed bug where theme changes mess up text editor rendering
  • Erroneous Pre-request scripts work correctly across tabs
  • Sync stability and performance fixes
4.3.29 Jun, 2016
  • UI Fix for long OAuth2 access tokens
  • Sync connectivity updates
4.3.05 Jun, 2016
  • In-app notifications
  • Activity Feed for collections
  • Support for import/export of Collection V2
  • Sorting in the Team Library
  • Updated OAuth2 flow
  • Better behavior while closing tabs
4.2.012 May, 2016
  • Redesigned Environment Preview
  • New passed/failed filter in test results
  • Request editors can be resized below default height
  • Collections in sidebar auto-expand to show results while searching
  • Exported files have .json extensions now [GH#2006]
  • Added application/graphql option in headers autocomplete [GH#1964]
  • Added search for environment templates in Team Library
  • Collection Runs can be stopped before completion
  • Added warnings for Restricted Headers
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to select collection in Save Request Flow and Collection Runner
  • Postman variable support in Request body JSON
  • Improved Bulk-editing flow
  • Fixed an issue that inserted erroneous newlines in XML responses [GH#1910]
  • Fixed an issue that caused mismatch in subscriber count while subscribing/unsubscribing to team collection
  • Fix rare issue while detecting Image responses [GH#802]
  • Fixed an issue that changed Response Language Mode to default value while resizing the app [GH#2015]
  • Fixed issues in WADL converter [GH#1458]
  • Fixed an issue that caused environment & global values to be persisted after a Collection Run
  • Collection browser auto closes when collection is deleted
  • Various sync performance and stability fixes
  • Fixed an issue that caused x-www-form-urlencoded to be treated as raw in cURL code generator
4.1.331 Mar, 2016
  • One request can be opened in multiple tabs
  • Keyboard shortcut improvements
  • Code snippet language preference persists
  • OAuth1 params work correctly for requests with body params
  • Bug fix for the add cookie flow
  • Bulk editor bug fixes
  • Non-standard response text shows correctly
  • Fix for multiple iterations not running with CSV files
  • Optimized loading of previous runs in the runner sidebar
  • Sync stability and performance fixes
  • GH#1869 - Fixed double-encoding of URL params in OAuth1 signature
  • GH#1887 - Response section shows the correct state if Interceptor requests fail
  • GH#1888 - Long entries displayed correctly in sidebar
  • GH#1896 - Environment variables resolved before code snippet generation
  • GH#1900 - OAuth2 callback URL shown
  • GH#1903 - Multivalue data support in the sandbox
  • GH#1905 - Send and Download works correctly
  • GH#1908 - Filenames with spaces work correctly with the Interceptor on
  • GH#1923 - Authorization helper data set correctly
  • GH#1926 - Duplicated collections have a blank link
4.1.218 Mar, 2016
  • Updated user interface
  • Sync performance issues
  • An imported collection retains the link of the collection it replaces
  • Run-in-Postman: Show off your collections of your website
  • Publish Documentation: Generate public links for your collections (Cloud-only)
3.2.201 Mar, 2016
  • Folder transfers/duplicates work across windows
  • Environment selection for Run-in-Postman buttons
  • Team library works across windows
  • Subscription flows fixed across windows
  • Consistent date format while importing collections
3.2.1925 Feb, 2016
  • Correct tab paddings in requester and runner
  • Updated swagger2 converter
  • Fixing dataMode inconsistency issues
  • Fixing window.find() for Chrome 50
3.2.1822 Feb, 2016
  • Refactored code snippets
  • Correct markdown link for Run-in-Postman
3.2.1719 Feb, 2016
  • New Collection import flow
  • Auto-expand collection on import
  • Support for environment-imports via URL
  • New code-snippets for the Run-in-Postman button
  • GH#1589 - Case insensitive checking for single tags
3.2.1610 Feb, 2016
  • Updated analytics
3.2.151 Feb, 2016
  • Accepting 304 responses from Sync
  • Reducing analytics event count
  • Fixed Zendesk 3541 - Swagger2.0 import issue
  • Fixed header issues in AWS Signature generation
3.2.1427 Jan, 2016
  • Ability to generate both types of Run-in-Postman snippets
3.2.1325 Jan, 2016
  • GH#1676 - Supporting WADL files with <wadl:application tags
  • GH#1677 - Ace editor search count works correctly
  • The app window is focussed when a collection is imported thru a link, and the sidebar switches to the collection tab
  • Runner - Hiding the preview button when the data file is removed
  • Fixes for the folder transfer bugs
3.2.11/1221 Jan, 2016
  • [Bug fix] Query parameters are considered for the AWS signature
  • [Bug fix] Responses with status=0 show a failed response
  • [Bug fix] Correct owner check while switching tabs
3.2.1015 Jan, 2016
  • [Enhancement] Adding borders and paddings to markdown tables
  • [Enhancement] Faster integrity checking for Sync
  • [Bug fix] Stable sorting for folder names
  • [Feature] Folder transfer across collections
  • [Bug fix] Adding orphaned requests to collection on app load
  • [Feature] Adding client_credentials flow for OAuth2
3.2.97 Jan, 2016
  • [Bug fix] Fixed issues with markdown library - Github#1628
  • [Bug fix] Fixed issues with HTML prettification library - Github#1610
  • [Bug fix] CSV files with numeric keys work
  • [Change] Initial splash screen removed
  • [Bug fix] Fixing the cookie issue for sync
3.2.824 Dec, 2015
  • [Feature] Allow HTML in alerts
  • [Bug fix] AWS Helper working in runner
  • [Bug fix] Variables that are null are not resolved to "null"
3.2.71 Dec, 2015
  • [Feature] Adding AWS Signature helper
  • [Bug fix] Fixing HTML injection issues
3.2.617 Dec, 2015
  • [Feature] Jetpacks is free!
  • [Feature] Adding support for markdown tables
  • [Bug fix] MIME type from forms being sent to Interceptor
3.2.513 Dec, 2015
  • [Bug fix] BrowserLogin working properly for Chrome apps
3.2.3/412 Dec, 2015
  • [Feature] Adding echo collection for fresh installs
  • [Bug fix] Hitting enter does not submit modals
  • [Bug fix] Saved responses do not clear headers
  • [Bug fix] Encoding URLs before snippet generation
3.2.21 Dec, 2015
  • [Feature] Adding support for Hawk Authentication
3.2.0/127 Nov, 2015
  • Moving to 1.0, better reconnection capability
  • [Bug fix] Handling old history requests
3.1.720 Nov, 2015
  • [Bug fix] Errors for a changeset instantly delete all child unsynced changes
  • [Bug fix] Correct timestamp shows after duplication
3.1.613 Nov, 2015
  • Better handling of data imports during Sync
  • [Bug fix] - Issue 1565 Snippets for clearing variables are shown correctly
3.1.59 Nov, 2015
  • [Bug fix] Proper handling for imported environments with name = null
  • Infinite request history in the app
3.1.45 Nov, 2015
  • [Bug fix] Jetpacks enabled for all team-members
  • [Bug fix] Fix collection runner issue after response fix
3.1.35 Nov, 2015
  • [Bug fix] Responses are synced correctly after duplication
  • [Bug fix] Invalid requests in responses are handled gracefully
  • [Bug fix] Tables in preview iframes are rendered with the correct cell widths
  • [Bug fix] Blank/failed responses are persisted to their tabs correctly
  • Team library collections are sorted alphabetically
  • Importing a collection with the same name shows a warning
  • The Jetpacks trial period is now 30 days!
3.1.23 Nov, 2015
  • Better instructions for enabling Interceptor
  • [Bug fix] Path variables recognized immediately after switching to new request
  • [Bug fix] Descriptions with markdown are not converted to HTML after saving
  • [Bug fix] Saving folder requests does not open folder overlay
3.1.129 Oct, 2015
  • [Feature] Postman Cloud launched for existing Jetpacks/beta teams
  • [Bug fix] Multiple windows handle Open-in-Postman handlers correctly
  • [Feature] Postman collection links auto-import in Postman
  • [Feature] Support for importing RAML / Postman collection folders
  • [Feature] ESC cancels search in API Library
  • [Feature] Graceful handling of invalid refresh tokens
  • [Bug fix] Better socket handling mechanism
  • [Bug fix] Fix for GH#1527 - variables replaced correctly in the runner, with and without the Interceptor
  • [Bug fix] Using .text() instead of .html() to prevent HTML injection
3.0.2519 Oct, 2015
  • [Bug fix] Cmd+T not messing things up when API Library is open
  • [Bug fix] Better handling of kvEditor updates. Form elements remain consistent across tabs.
  • [Bug fix] Raw mode data synced correctly while duplicating folders/collections
  • [Bug fix] Fix for GH#1501 - switch to auth/body tab if old data not present
3.0.23/2411 Oct, 2015
  • [Bug fix] Fix for typos in entity comparators
  • [Bug fix] Adding @ before filenames in generated curl
  • [Bug fix] File uploads working through the Interceptor
3.0.226 Oct, 2015
  • [Bug fix] Fix for sync status transfer in the runner window
  • [Bug fix] Clear reconnect interval after Sync session is created
3.0.216 Oct, 2015
  • [Bug fix] Fix for key-value editor bug in form-data mode
  • [Bug fix] Fix for large Scroll-to-response button
3.0.205 Oct, 2015
  • [Bug fix] Fix ES-6 JS for older Chrome versions
3.0.194 Oct, 2015
  • Renew token call made after successful token exchange
  • [Bug fix] Fixes for multi-window behavior
3.0.184 Oct, 2015
  • [Bug fix] UI fixes for scrollbars
  • [Bug fix] Better icons for the dark theme
  • [Bug fix] Inline SVGs to avoid the Windows registry override
  • [Bug fix] No flicker on icon change
  • [Bug fix] Sending resolved form-data to the Interceptor
  • [Bug fix] Adding support for clearEnvironmentVariable, clearGlobalVariable functions
  • [Bug fix] Postman-Token and Cache-Control headers are included in the snippets
  • [Bug fix] WADL files served with Content-type XML are imported
  • [Bug fix] Multiple collection conflicts in a data dump import work properly
  • [Bug fix] Better layout for the Settings window
  • [Bug fix] Swagger 2.0 converter updated with bug fixes
  • [Bug fix] Prettified XML is copied when the copy button is clicked
  • [Feature] Swagger files in YAML are supported
  • [Feature] OPTIONS requests can now have a body
3.0.1718 Sep, 2015
  • [Bug fix] RAML that fails YAML.parse imports successfully
  • [Bug fix] Fixing regex for newlines
3.0.14/15/1614 Sep, 2015
  • [Feature] Support for YAML-based Swagger
  • [Feature] Improved scrollbar color scheme for request raw body
  • [Bug fix] Response changesets removed as part of folder resyncs
  • [Bug fix] Removing the need for collection.timestamp in imports
  • [Bug fix] Updated license link
  • [Bug fix] Fixed duplicate request bug for repeated imports
  • [Bug fix] Fixed border jittering in sidebar while hovering
  • [Bug fix] Correcting refresh token flow
3.0.133 Sep, 2015
  • [Bug fix] Issue 1398 - Hitting Enter submits the Add-to-collection modal
  • [Bug fix] Issue 1397 - Value-less URL params are allowed with or without the = sign
  • [Bug fix] Issue 1391 - Re-ordering key-value editor rows updates the URL parameter order
  • [Bug fix] Scrolling to selected collection in runner if launched from collection browser
  • Interceptor/Proxy requests are not synced if saved to history
3.0.1231 Aug, 2015
  • [Bug fix] Iteration property available in runner
  • [Bug fix] Fixed UI positioning issues in the runner
3.0.1127 Aug, 2015
  • [Bug fix] Corrected dirty-tab checking for auth helpers
  • [Bug fix] Sync fixes - not force updating collections/folders for non-team users
3.0.1026 Aug, 2015
  • [Bug fix] Sync fixes for incorrect owner field in some collections
  • [Feature] Array/Object responses supported for local OAuth2 providers
3.0.921 Aug, 2015
  • [Bug fix] Environments without IDs are imported correctly
  • [Bug fix] Issue 1358 Request transfers work properly when multiple windows are open
  • [Bug fix] App token expiry fix
  • [Bug fix] The sole tab does not have a close button
  • [Bug fix] Save helper property is persisted
  • [Bug fix] Sync fixes for incorrect owner field in requests
  • [Feature] Cmd/Ctrl-Shift + [/] work to switch tabs
3.0.817 Aug, 2015
  • [Bug fix] Sync fixes - optimized sync calls
  • [Bug fix] Fix for recursive variable resolution
3.0.713 Aug, 2015
  • [Bug fix] Sync fixes - throttling collection force syncs
  • [Bug fix] Sync fixes - request and folder creates always with the collection owner
  • [Bug fix] Not making multiple CSRF calls
  • [Bug fix] Remotely imported collections retain IDs
3.0.67 Aug, 2015
  • [Bug fix] Noty libary fix for multiple notifications
  • [Bug fix] Conflict resolution works for multiple properties
  • [Bug fix] HATEOAS links open without the Body tab open
  • [Bug fix] XML Closing tags do not register as HATEOAS links
  • [Bug fix] Synced History requests have correct script values
  • [Bug fix] The header tab is opened by the 'h' shortcut
  • [Feature] All CryptoJS files are available in the sandbox
  • [Feature] Better diffing for objects in the conflict screen
  • [Feature] Force-sync post sign-in
  • [Feature] Better online/offline event detection
  • [Feature] Local OAuth2 provider support
3.0.522 Jul, 2015
  • [Bug fix] Handling chrome runtime race conditions
  • [Bug fix] Handling jQuery load delay in the sandbox
  • [Bug fix] Handling malformed sample responses
  • [Bug fix] Tests and pre-request scripts are loaded instantly
  • [Bug fix] Tabs marked as dirty if key-value pairs are disabled
  • [Bug fix] Fixing UI issues in the Collection Browser
  • [Feature] Updating Swagger 2.0 converter
  • [Feature] Added a setting to disable dirty-checking for tabs
  • [Feature] The importer supports import of environments and data dumps
  • [Feature] Relative links in the JSON response are clickable
  • [Feature] Allowing JSON.parse in the sandbox to accept a modifier function
  • [Feature] Copying the Anti-XSSed JSON with the Copy button
3.0.413 Jul, 2015
  • [Bug fix] Removing invalid file from Windows packages
3.0.312 Jul, 2015
  • [Feature] Dirty tabs - warn the user when navigating away from unsaved changes
  • [Feature] Better on-boarding experience for v2-to-v3 users
  • [Bug fix] Supporting Angular-style Anti-XSS prefixes
  • [Bug fix] Trimming request URLs for code snippet generation
  • [Bug fix] UI fixes in the collection browser
  • [Bug fix] Response Cookies and the HTTP Preview render newlines correctly
3.0.21 Jul, 2015
  • [Feature] Optimized sidebar rendering
  • [Bug fix] Correct Interceptor link in helper card
  • [Bug fix] Surrounding curl url with single-quotes
3.0.130 Jun, 2015
  • [Feature] Sync for all users on signup
  • [Feature] Code generation for 15+ languages
  • [Feature] Tabbed UI to have multiple requests open
  • [Feature] Multi-select history requests
  • [Feature] Add history requests directly to a collection or folder
  • [Feature] All new layout to improve developer workflows
  • [Feature] A Collection Browser to view collection documentation
  • [Feature] A scalable and responsive UI
  • [Bug fix] Misc. Sync-related fixes and robustness measures
2.0.813 Mar, 2015
  • [Bug fix] Resycing all requests in case of a version change
2.0.813 Mar, 2015
  • [Bug fix] Resycing all requests in case of a version change
2.0.713 Mar, 2015
  • [Bug fix] Comments in the last line of the test script work
  • [Bug fix] Multiple requests are not made for images
  • [Bug fix] Recursive resolution works for variables
  • [Bug fix] Making another CSRF request in case of a mismatch error
2.0.611 Mar, 2015
  • [Bug fix] Collection runner tooltips fixed
  • [Bug fix] Folder IDs being sent correctly for Sync
  • [Bug fix] Not showing null environments
  • [Bug fix] Fixing Curl params problem - Github issue 960
  • [Bug fix] Remote IDs and links syncing
  • [Bug fix] Failed sync requests being resent
  • [Bug fix] Re-sending data for instanceNotFound errors
2.0.55 Mar, 2015
  • [Bug fix] Collection changes propagated to the collection runner
  • Imposing size restriction on response size (for Sync)
  • [Tests] Test cases for collection runner
2.0.44 Mar, 2015
  • [Bug fix] Collection runner handles non-string variable values
  • [Bug fix] User globals are merged instead of being replaced
2.0.33 Mar, 2015
  • Updating icons for sync
  • [Bug fix] Env and globals updated from the collection runner are reflected in the main app
  • [Bug fix] History requests don't have a save button
  • [Feature] Failover mechanism if Sync server goes down
2.0.12 Mar, 2015
  • [Bug fix] Duplicated collections sync issue
  • [Bug fix] Hiding PRScript and Test errors after resetting/loading a new request
  • Updating icons for sync
1.0.1126 Feb, 2015
  • [Feature] The Interceptor can be used to view 302/303 redirects
1.0.1024 Feb, 2015
  • [Bug fix] Pre-request scripts and tests work with older data dumps
1.0.921 Feb, 2015
  • The Interceptor can be toggled off even if it's not installed
  • [Bug fix] Newlines in scripts are handled properly
  • Accepting multi-valued form keys from the interceptor
  • Sidebar tooltips show up over the main panel
  • Fixing curl conversion, and showing parsing errors
  • Header keys can have {{variables}}
  • Showing errors to the user if restricted headers are set
  • Removing the URL suggestion box when the request is sent
  • Adding a xml2Json function in the sandbox which is Newman-compatible
  • [Bug fix] Specifying "normal" as the default Auth Helper
  • [Bug fix] Script editors open with the correct theme
  • [Bug fix] Fix for the floating sidebar issue
  • [Bug fix] Allowing XML files to be imported properly
1.0.830 Jan, 2015
  • [Bug fix] Request body from Interceptor now captured correctly
1.0.725 Jan, 2015
  • [Bug fix] Workaround for context-menu disappearing (Github #889)
1.0.621 Jan, 2015
  • [Bug fix] Fix for the Chrome retina issue
  • [Feature] Performance-enhancement for setting env/global vars through custom scripts
  • [Feature] Showing messages for custom script errors
1.0.517 Jan, 2015
  • [Bug fix] Truthy/falsy values as tests results are handled properly
  • [Big fix] Newly captured interceptor requests respect the History filter
  • [Feature] Environments cannot be saved without a name
  • [Feature] Interceptor requests can be cancelled
  • [Feature] Custom headers have tooltips
1.0.49 Jan, 2015
  • [Bug fix] The trailing ? from a URL is not removed
  • [Bug fix] Disabled headers work as expected
  • [UI fix] Request drag-and-drop functionality improved
  • [Feature] Response times are more accurate
  • [Feature] Collection validator added
1.0.38 Dec, 2014
  • Misc. UI fixes
1.0.22 Dec, 2014
  • [Bug fix] Large files in form-upload do not crash the app
  • [Bug fix] Reading/writing cookies working through Interceptor
  • [Bug fix] Helper data now saved inside a request
  • [Bug fix] JSON/XML warning limit size increased
  • [Feature] OAuth 1.0 signature encoding option
  • [Feature] Customizable response format and font
1.0.112 Nov, 2014
  • [Feature] Update notification screen added
  • [Bug fix] Issue 796 - JSON responses can be collapsed/expanded Oct, 2014
  • [Bug fix] Issue 775 Fixed collection import Oct, 2014
  • [Change] - All URL encoding has been removed - Any variable intended to be used should be manually encoded. Select text -> right click > encodeURIComponent
  • [Bug fix] - Fixed issues with the refresh token flow.
  • [Bug fix] - The data preview modal window is scrollable
  • [Bug fix] - Headers can be disabled, URL params cannot be disabled (they are just another way of viewing the URL)
  • [Change] - Imported collections always have a different ID - you cannot overwrite existing collections
  • [Change] - The size threshold for showing the Pretty Mode for XML/JSON responses has been increased to 20000 bytes
  • [Bug fix] - The "Response too large for pretty view..." modal disappears after 750ms Oct, 2014
  • [Bug fix] Issue 728 - If collection already exists, then show a choice asking whether you want to overwrite or keep the previous collection
  • [Bug fix] Issue 677 - Add restricted headers to both Interceptor and Proxy - Only interceptor, proxy not required
  • [Bug fix] Issue 670 - Cleaning up environment and global variables using a function.
  • [Bug fix] Issue 657 - Use CSS to break up text inside the sidebar
  • [Bug fix] Issue 706 - Show a modal with the CSV/JSON values - Show as a table there itself
  • [Bug fix] Issue 743 - Problem with Interceptor that needs to be fixed.
  • [Bug fix] Issue 652 - Add descriptions for folders
  • [Bug fix] Issue 750 - Preview Iframe size
  • [Bug fix] Issue 762 - Correct error message shown if no collection is selected in the collection runner.
  • [Bug fix] Issue 760 - Clicking 'No' on the delete collection modal doesn't mess up the tooltips.
  • [Bug fix] Enter working to delete collections/requests/folders
  • [Bug fix] In the curl preview, there's a space after the colon in the headers. (eg. HeaderKey: HeaderValue)
  • [Bug fix] Issue 764 - Do not erase a folder name when 'Enter' is pressed.
  • [Bug fix] Chrome retina display issue fix
  • [Bug fix] Word-wrap in XML Pretty mode working correctly
  • [Bug fix] works correctly in pre-request scripts in the collection runner
  • [Bug fix] Tooltips in the environment manager modal don't interfere with functionality
  • [Bug fix] Null variables in the collection runner don't cause unexpected behavior
  • [Bug fix] Not discarding blank URL variables
  • [Bug fix] OAuth 1.0 signature changing with encode method
  • [Bug fix] Unable to re-save existing requests after duplication a request
  • [Bug fix] Pre-request does not update body
  • [Bug fix] Preserve request order in duplication collection
  • [Bug fix] Unable to copy text from Preview
  • [Bug fix] Requests sent twice after a particular flow
  • [Feature] Added pre-request scripting as a Jetpacks feature
  • [Feature] Collections/Folders/Requests can be duplicated
  • [Bug fix] Filenames are sent correctly with the interceptor on. Refer - #561
  • [Bug fix] Bulk edits of key-value pairs can include colons in values
  • [Bug fix] Raw characters showing up properly in the JSON view
  • [Bug fix] Path variables are now substituted correctly Jul, 2014
  • [Feature] Ability to clone requests, folders and collections in the sidebar
  • [Usability] Ability to toggle the snippets editor
  • [Usability] Ability to move to the top of the response by using Ctrl + T or clicking on the navbar
  • [Bug fix] Proper order of variable evaluation (data variables > environments variables > global variables)
  • [Bug fix] Path variables are being substituted properly
  • [Bug fix] Markdown links open in new window properly
  • [Bug fix] Header presets dropdown visibility
  • [Bug fix] Variables in headers are retained in the history
  • [Bug fix] Displaying raw text inside of JSON responses properly
  • Bug fix for collection import from
  • Bug fix for collection import from
  • Bug fix for path variables editor
  • Added export option for globals
  • Fix for rounding off of large JSON numbers
  • Collection import/export retain IDs
  • Fixed bug with loading requests from sample responses
  • Added bulk editing option for key/value editor
  • Added support for relative URLs in JSON/XML/HTML view
  • Added the request object to test scripts Apr, 2014
  • Added version number and other debug info inside the settings modal
  • Added changelog link
  • Collection import from URL sets Accept header to application/json (#558)
  • Request preview wrapped with pre tag (#451)
  • Recursive resolution of environment variables
  • Do not fire a request when URL is selected from the autocomplete dropdown
  • Added Ctrl+enter/cmd+enter shortcut (#390)
  • Saving request to another collection shows description of that request (#491)
  • OAuth 1.0 signature method fields have a select box (#398)
  • Auto update basic and digest auth headers if they are environment variables (#340)
  • Bug fixes with the tests editor
3.7.510 Jul, 2017
  • Bumped Collection SDK to v2.0.2, which contains ProxyConfig improvements (#1110)
  • Ensured that failed fetches from resource URLs result in a non-zero exit code (#1115)
  • Fixed a backward compatibility bug related to Buffer construction in the HTML reporter (#1105)
3.7.429 Jun, 2017
  • Corrected response.body reference in the HTML reporter (#1099)
3.7.328 Jun, 2017
  • Restored response.body in the data supplied to the HTML reporter template. (#1098)
3.7.223 Jun, 2017
  • Updated postman-runtime to v6.2.1, which contains a critical bugfix for authorization with variables
3.7.119 Jun, 2017
  • Updated postman-collection-transformer to v2.1.4 (#1082)
3.7.019 Jun, 2017
  • Fixed a bug that caused empty results in response.json() / response.text() (#1080)
  • Support for second generation scripting sandbox with support for limited require
  • Addition of assertion functions on request and response
  • Added MomentJS to the sandbox
  • Added support for authorization mechanisms and IO events
3.6.19 Jun, 2017
  • Ensured that process.stdout is flushed in CLI mode (#1026)
  • Fixed HTML reporter TypeError for failed requests (#1062)
  • Updated JUnit reporter to add time attribute to testsuites and testcase elements (#1039)
3.6.012 May, 2017
  • Introduced the all new pm.* API
3.5.217 Mar, 2017
  • Update postman-runtime to v5.0.0, which uses CertificateList for client side SSL
3.5.114 Mar, 2017
  • Fixed a bug which caused some test results to not be displayed (#949)
  • Merged aggregation partial into base HTML reporter template
  • Allowed options.iterationData to be specified as an array of objects in programmatic usage
3.5.07 Mar, 2017
  • Added support for multi level folders in the cli, html and junit reporters
  • Updated postman-collection to v1.0.0, which contains helper methods for dealing with multi-level folders
3.4.331 Jan, 2017
  • Updated postman-runtime to v4.0.3, which contains bugfixes for URL parameter encoding
  • Updated postman-collection to v0.5.11, which contains bugfixes for UTF-8 encoded responses, and variables in URL hosts
3.4.29 Jan, 2017
  • Fixed a bug in the CLI reporter for Newman programmatic usage (#859)
3.4.16 Jan, 2017
  • Fixed Buffer compatibility issue for Node v4
  • HTML reporter works correctly for failed requests
3.4.029 Dec, 2016
  • Updated `postman-runtime` to v4.0, which has a lot of memory usage improvements
  • HTML reporter now contains folder information
  • Added `--color` option to force colored output in non-TTY environments
3.3.114 Dec, 2016
  • Added more details to the HTML reporter
  • Updated `postman-collection` to the latest version which contains a bugfix for OAuth1 with realms
  • Updated `postman-runtime` which has a few fixes for browser based workflows
3.3.021 Nov, 2016
  • Added options to provide client-side SSL certificates on the command line
  • Updated the versions of `postman-runtime` and `postman-collection` libraries
3.2.018 Oct, 2016
  • Ensure that environment exports are consistent with the app
  • Simplified the importing logic for environment and globals
3.1.23 Oct, 2016
  • Updated `postman-runtime`, `postman-collection` and `postman-collection-transformer` dependencies
3.1.121 Sep, 2016
  • Fixed a bug which caused HTML reporter statistics to be incorrect
  • Added an option `--disable-unicode` to forcibly disable unicode symbols in the output
  • File based options in (environments, data, globals) can now be specified as JSON objects as well
  • Updated to the latest version of Postman Runtime, which contains a number of memory optimizations
  • Specifying an iteration data file now results in the correct number of iteration runs
3.1.025 Aug, 2016
  • Fixed issue with environment and globals export format was using wrong property names (GH:553)
  • Fixed issue where `--export-*` CLI option did not work with no parameters
  • Added support for `postman.getResponseCookie` in the script sandbox
  • Prettified HTML report template
  • Added support for custom HTML report templates via `--reporter-html-template` flag
  • Added file upload support
  • Fixed a bug in the timeout request flag: #547
  • Updated runtime dependency to 2.4.4
  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect iterationCount detection
  • Better error messages
  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect exports of environment and global values
  • The export parameters now default to `/newman/*`
  • Added a new CLI option, `--silent` which ensures Newman does not write anything to the terminal
3.0.110 Aug, 2016
  • Fixed an issue with CLI exit codes not behaving as expected
  • Addressed issues with URL query parameter parsing
2.1.230 Jun, 2016
  • Latest version of the Postman Collection Transfomer - v2.1.2
  • [Bugfix] Requests containing file fields from the Cloud API are now handled correctly
2.1.17 Jun, 2016
  • Updated the version of the Postman Collection Transfomer
  • [Bugfix] Newman no longer breaks if "header" is empty in a collection
  • Updated the lodash version
  • Pinned the version of underscore library
2.1.026 May, 2016
  • Added support for the Postman Cloud API
2.0.922 Apr, 2016
  • Fixed a bug where OAuth1 helper failed with URLs containing variables. (postman-app-support#2011)
2.0.818 Apr, 2016
  • Better handling of Request timeouts (@ramblinwreck35)
  • Fixed errors with HEAD requests on Node v5
  • Support for "deflate" encoding
2.0.713 Apr, 2016
  • Fixed #377 (Function variables in the request body not being replaced)
2.0.65 Apr, 2016
  • Fixed redirect behavior (redirects on POST requests are now followed by default)
  • Added an option to replace Unicode symbols with text (for older terminals)
2.0.524 Mar, 2016
  • Fixed Postman.GH#1903 ( object inside the sandbox)
  • Fixed #361 (Better formatting of HTML report)
  • Fixed a bug in Hawk Auth, where nonce generation resulted in an error
2.0.424 Mar, 2016
  • Allow PATCH and DELETE requests to have a request body, fixes GH#360
2.0.318 Mar, 2016
  • Fixed listeners not being removed after a collection
  • Added support for postman.setNextRequest
2.0.215 Mar, 2016
  • Removed check for empty strings from CSV to be consistent with Postman (by @bwolski)
  • Fixed AWS Auth with raw body (Github #345)
2.0.11 Mar, 2016
  • Added support for custom ports in AWS Signature v4 auth (by @harshavardhana)
  • Updated postman-collection-transformer version
1.3.017 Feb, 2016
  • Added support for console.* functions (error, warn)
  • Fixed a bug which caused a crash when the request data is empty
1.2.292 Feb, 2016
  • Fixed #310 (Better error messages)
  • Fixed #311 (Response body logging in verbose output)
  • Fixed #320 (Variable replacement for special variables "{{$guid}}" etc)
1.2.288 Jan, 2016
  • Fixed handling of null values to be compatible with Postman
  • Fixed a bug in handling of OAuth
1.2.2718 Dec, 2015
  • Set default service name to API Gateway for AWS Authentication
1.2.2618 Dec, 2015
  • Fixed json traversal
  • Added support for AWS Signature v4 authentication
1.2.251 Dec, 2015
  • Added support for Hawk Authentication
1.2.2427 Nov, 2015
  • Added `name` and `description` to request object in the Sandbox
  • Fixed null OAuth params
  • Fixed a bug where GZip requests failed for no reason
1.2.2320 Oct, 2015
  • Empty data array fields don't cause errors
1.2.2218 Oct, 2015
  • Adding option to limit recursive resolution depth
1.2.2124 Sep, 2015
  • Adding --whiteScreen flag
  • Adding option to print all requests and responses in a file
1.2.2024 Sep, 2015
  • Adding -R option to block redirects
  • Adding sugarJS number prototype
  • Adding clearVariables sandbox function
1.2.1914 Sep, 2015
  • Fix for (Backslashes in variables)
  • JSON.parse shows parsing errors, if any
1.2.187 Aug, 2015
  • When used as a library, the callback returns the exit code correctly
  • Form fields that are disabled are not sent
  • CryptoJS ( available in the test/pre-request script sandbox
  • Repository link updated in CLI
1.2.171 Jul, 2015
  • -x / --exitCode works correctly in standalone/library mode
1.2.1618 Jun, 2015
  • Custom paths to export environment/global files after the run
  • Support for custom request timeouts
  • Jenkins-compatible JUnit output
1.2.1519 Mar, 2015
  • Support for authentication helpers (Basic, Digest, OAuth1.0)
1.2.1413 Mar, 2015
  • Removing dead code for BOM-removal. This also fixes zero-length body cases
  • Adding support for commas in data file fields, and double-quotes to surround fields (in line with Postman)
1.2.1324 Feb, 2015
  • Set Jsdom version to 3.x.x for NodeJS-compatibility
1.2.11/1213 Feb, 2015
  • Node v0.12.0 supported
1.2.1013 Feb, 2015
  • Incorrect rawModeData being handled properly
  • New sandbox method - xml2Json added. Compatible with POSTMAN
  • Envs and Globals set in scripts are available in the env and global arrays instantly
1.2.92 Feb, 2015
  • SugarJS object definitions working as expected -
1.2.830 Jan, 2015
  • Spaces in variable names working
1.2.720 Jan, 2015
  • Accepting truthy/falsy values as test results
1.2.617 Jan, 2015
  • Fixing tests for different names across iterations
1.2.514 Jan, 2015
  • Correcting jUnit export format
  • Test results are now parsed consistently (truthy/falsy values are accepted)
1.2.420 Dec, 2014
  • Fixed command-line flag for HTML report
1.2.316 Dec, 2014
  • Fixed jQuery dependency issue
1.2.18 Dec, 2014
  • Added HTML reporting capability
1.2.02 Dec, 2014
  • Adding option for jUnit-style output of test runs - Courtesy @pal-thomassen (BETA)
  • Configurable SSL/TLS behavior while running collections - Courtesy @gituser4
1.1.94 Nov, 2014
  • Summary correctly shown for folder-only runs
1.1.84 Nov, 2014
  • Iteration-wise summary is shown by default
1.1.723 Oct, 2014
  • postman.clearEnvironmentVariables() and postman.clearGlobalVariables() available to clear environment and global variables
  • postman.getResponseHeader(headerKey) available to get response headers in a case-insensitive manner
1.1.630 Sep, 2014
  • Postman backup files can now be imported
1.1.522 Sep, 2014
  • Test cases with semicolons in them work properly
  • HttpStatusCodes and descriptions are in-line with Postman
1.1.418 Sep, 2014
  • Corrected version number
1.1.317 Sep, 2014
  • {{$randomInt}} works as expected
  • {{$guid}} functionality added
  • atob and btoa functions now available in tests and pre-request scripts
  • Added an option to exit with code=1 if any test in the collection fails
1.1.213 Sep, 2014
  • Ability to add a delay between requests
1.1.12 Sep, 2014
  • Newman handles the latest version of Postman collections
1.1.019 Aug, 2014
  • If used as a library, the exit code is now passed to the callback function
1.0.929 Jul, 2014
  • Header names are now converted to title case (Content-Type, instead of content-type)
  • An explicit iteration count overrides the data-file
  • No separate global file is needed to use global variables
1.0.77 Jul, 2014
  • Https requests are now handled by newman.
  • Form data can now be taken from data files
  • No separate environment file needs to be specified to use env. variables
  • Wrong env file paths print a human-readable error message
  • "http://" is prefixed to urls without (if not already present)
  • Data files do not overwrite all env properties
  • Can run only folders by specifying -f
  • Pre-Request scripting